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For all enquiries: (07) 4054 4100
Trust the local professionals at SunCity Service Centre for your next manifold clean
All the valves, intake manifold, and combustion chambers are cleaned and can improve your vehicles efficiency

If you’re experiencing a power loss, excessive temperatures, or billowing smoke from your car’s exhaust, you might not be aware that anything is wrong, until things reach breaking point. A choked-up intake system will be a more gradual progression.

There are two main concerns when carbon builds up. The first, is a physical restriction in the intake itself. It can starve the engine of air causing issues with air fuel ratios, bad fuel economy, and excessive smoke from the exhaust. If the inlet is clogged enough it can also cause backpressure against the turbo and poor throttle response.

The other issue is the EGR or inlet valves sticking open. As carbon deposits build up on these it can stop them sealing properly.

It will allow the engine to suck in exhaust gas when it thinks it’s only getting fresh air, throwing fuel ratios out the window potentially melting pistons or cracking heads.

An essential part of servicing any vehicle

Intake system cleaning is an essential part of cleaning the vehicle. It eliminates dirt and carbon deposits in the intake manifold and allows you to drive smoothly with proper functioning of all the parts. The cleaning process removes dirt from intake manifold, throttle valve and on the carburetor parts of the vehicle.

Some other benefits:
  • It prevents from carbon build-up and engine knocking
  • Power is restored
  • Performance is enhanced
  • Fuel economy is improved

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