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For all enquiries: (07) 4054 4100
Performance Dyno Tuning Services in Cairns by SunCity Service Centre
Unleash the full potential of your prized possession, whilst also reducing fuel costs

A dynamometer or ‘dyno’ for short is a device for measuring force, torque, or power. For example, the power produced by an engine, motor or other rotating prime movers can be calculated by simultaneously measuring torque and rotational speed (RPM). It allows us to test and adjust your car’s settings in a controlled environment where the slightest of changes can be measured. The dyno tune will improve not only the day to day performance of the vehicle but also reduce your fuel costs saving you money in the long run. Thus, it is quite essential to hire the most reputed Dyno Tuning Services in Cairns. A dyno tune will optimise the performance of your vehicle and ensure the ECU calibration is safe.

Some of the benefits of availing this service include:
  • Increased power
  • Maximum reliability
  • Improved throttle response
  • Greater torque spread
  • A smoother power band
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Optimised drivability
  • A safe tune that will prevent engine damage compared to a modified vehicle with no tune, or a poor tune.
  • Removal of any fault codes for removed or disabled systems (typically emission control related).
Get the best in class engine ECU remapping only at Suncity Service Centre Cairns

When you purchase a car which is full of technology, you might have an assumption that the car is at its peak with its functionalities and is ready to deliver the optimum services in its perfectly tuned condition the moment you take it out from the dealer’s workshop.

However, this is a huge mistake! The truth is most of the brand-new cars sold to customers have been deliberately de-tuned much below the level of its capacity.

It is equally true that you can recover the lost potentials of your car through applying a method also known as the Engine EU Remapping. And, the great news is, we, at Suncity Service center, provide you with these services with utmost expertise.

SunCity Service Centre is committed at providing you with the world class Engine ECU remapping services. We ensure that you get the best results along with excellence in the quality of all our services.

By hiring us you will be sure to receive only the best custom ECU Chip tuning/remapping, vehicle engine tuning and car tuning using only the latest software available and the concerned ECU programming techniques.

Our team members are certified with the best technical skills and have a passion and enthusiasm for providing you with the most outstanding car tuning and customer services.

We are always ready to walk the extra edge to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and happiness through our services. So, if you too are looking out for such services, feel free to get in touch with us right away! We will be delighted to assist you at every step to ensure the optimum performance of your car.


SunCity Service Centre has got you covered for all things automotive
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All Mechanical Repairs, Logbook Servicing, Roadworthy certificates, Engine rebuilds, Diagnostics, ECU Remapping, Anderson Plugs, Dual batteries, Manifold cleans, Catch cans, Exhaust systems, exclusive Ridepro suspension (designed in Australia), Air conditioning re-gas, trailers & more.

SunCity Service Centre has higher work bays available for customers with motor homes or caravans. In store we stock a wide range of light bars & driving lights with the best prices in Cairns. Darche swags also available in store - give us a call for the best pricing on any Darche products.

Our suppliers include the best names in the industry including:
Tyre fitting
Trust the locals for your tyre fitting if yours are worn out and in need of replacement
Car servicing
Providing expert mechanical service to locals of Cairns for over 26 years
Dyno tuning
Unleash the full potential of your prized possession, whilst also reducing fuel costs
We are an approved vehicle inspection station and can even do pre-purchase inspections

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